Simplicity – Achievable?

I long for a simple life.  I tend to complicate my life.  No matter how hard I try to simplify my life, I always end up complicating it somehow someway.   I gave up the Steampunk Festival.  I have said no to requests that I run for various things in town.  I have said no... Continue Reading →

OA Check-In | 31 March 2017

Hello everybody! I'm Sabrina and I am a compulsive overeater and binge eater. I just wanted to check in to say my 1st day on my food plan was so so so so hard! But I managed to get through it. But I definitely now think the nervousness yesterday was more of a withdrawal symptom.... Continue Reading →

OA Step 1 Work

"We admitted we were powerless over food - that our lives had become unmanageable." I am working on my steps via Lawrie C's Step Study Guide suggested by my sponsor, Vanessa. In the first section he asked us to make an "analysis of our eating" by answering a few questions. What are my binge foods?... Continue Reading →

Eating Your Feelings Away

Today is my first 100% abstinent day from the food that were my poisons of choice.  I am having a very hard time not eating away my sad feelings, my melancholy feelings.  Through the process of working the steps in OA (Overeaters Anonymous), I hope to learn new coping mechanisms to deal with all of... Continue Reading →

Another Beginning

I know early in a previous post from a while ago, I said this was the beginning.  Well I didn't fare very well in my quest.  But I am back again.  When I say I am on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, I don't just mean I want to lose weight.  I do, indeed,... Continue Reading →

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