OA Step 1 Work

“We admitted we were powerless over food – that our lives had become unmanageable.”

I am working on my steps via Lawrie C’s Step Study Guide suggested by my sponsor, Vanessa.

In the first section he asked us to make an “analysis of our eating” by answering a few questions.

What are my binge foods?

  • What foods are your absolute favorites?  I have some favorite foods that are not binge-worthy food so I won’t list them here.  I am listing my favorite binge-worthy foods.
    maple-frosted donuts, cinnamon rolls, apple fritter donuts, other types of donuts, cookies, candy, potato chips, cheetos,  cokes or other sugary drinks, cheeseburgers and french fries, chicken nuggets, pancakes and sausage, pancakes and bacon
  • What foods put you in a zone (at various times)?   all of the above
  • What foods can’t you imagine giving up?  all of the above
  • What foods do you eat until there is nothing left?  all of the above except for cheeseburgers and french fries and pancakes and sausage or bacon – usually when I get full I can stop with those for some reason.
  • What foods do you find yourself eating while simultaneously saying to yourself, “I have to stop eating this!” but you don’t?   all of the above except for cheeseburgers and french fries, pancakes, sausage, and bacon.
  • If you’re overweight, what high-calorie/non-nutritional foods do you find yourself eating a lot of?  all of the above

What is the common ingredient(s) in all of the above foods?   It seems as he suggests that the only common ingredient to all of them is FAT.

When you look at the list of foods, is it the foods themselves or what you put on them for taste that can make a difference?   Well basically none of these have anything added by me – except pancakes – lots of butter and syrup to keep them from being too dry.    Also although I didn’t put oatmeal in the list I know that I put way too much butter and sugar in my oatmeal when I eat oatmeal.

For your favorite list of foods, imagine taking away one ingredient at a time – what is the ingredient that suddenly makes the food uninteresting to you?   Or imagine substituting one ingredient for another, like whole-grain flour rather than white flour, or artificial sweetener for sugar – what is the substitute that makes the food suddenly uninteresting to you?   Well although I like plain glazed donuts they are not quite as interesting as maple-frosted donuts or cinnamon roll or apple fritter donuts.  I don’t like any artificially sweetened things at least not sweetened by like the old time sweeteners.  I don’t mind coconut sugar.  I don’t mind things sweetened with like pear juice or other fruit sweeteners.  They still taste great!  Potato chips stop interesting me the harder they get.  I’m not as much into the baked ones or the kettle ones.  Cookies and candies – yeah sugar being taken away makes them not so interesting.  The more sugary a cookie, the less likely it is for me to be able to put the bag away.  An example would be that I do like vanilla wafers but they are not as sugary as sugar wafer cookies.  I would be less likely to stop eating the sugar wafer cookies than the vanilla wafers.  Burgers are less yummy (but still yummy) without the cheese or without condiments for sure.  Chicken nuggets do not sound as appealing if the breading was off of it.

Once you isolate a particular ingredient, imagine eating that ingredient by itself without anything added to or mixed with it.  Imagine eating a bag of sugar, a bag of flour, a pound of butter. Could you eat none of it, some of it, all of it?   Could eat none of flour by itself nor butter by itself but I could eat sugar by itself.  I wouldn’t be able to eat a whole bag but I could definitely eat a few teaspoons of it.

Do you generally eat food that have been livened up with sauces or gravies  or condiments that contain sugar, flour or fat or a combination of these?   Is taste an issue with you?   No not really livening up things except with butter on pancakes and sugar and butter in oatmeal.  Most of these binge-worthy items are prepackaged, premade things.   Taste is an issue, yes.  If something did not taste good, I definitely would not be eating it.

It is now 11:34 pm on 3/30/17.  I am going to bed but will take up with this sometimes tomorrow or tomorrow night.

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