OA Check-In | 04 April 2017

Yesterday was a big test because work was chaotic and hectic and I don’t do well with chaotic and hectic.   But, it helped that I pre-planned and had the food I needed to have at work with me at work.  It was still very difficult and it did feel like a bit of white-knuckling it because I really wanted to run out to the store and buy a bunch of stuff to help me feel “not nervous”.   I did not do it.

Yesterday I did good on my food plan but I did discover a change I need to make to my eating behavior plan.   I purchased at the grocery store this past week all of the “healthy” snacks my nutritionist had given me.  I took them all to work with me.  The only problem is I am allowed 2 snacks during a day on my food plan.  Still even with healthy snacks, my tendency was to remember they were there and to want to eat one – more than twice during the day.  I didn’t eat more than 2 snacks but my brain was going there big time.  So, the adjustment to my eating behavior plan is to only take to work the two snacks for that day.

Yesterday I ate:

At home breakfast of cereal and milk.

At work snack of 4 triscuits and 2 strings of cheese.

At work lunch of turkey, cheese sandwich on this amazing bread I discovered a couple of weeks ago:  The brand is Eureka! and it is wheat with lots of nuttiness and seeds and not just in the top crust but throughout the bread.  It is amazing!   I am adjusting to not having chips or something like that to go with the sandwich.  My nutritionist told me to add a cup of veggie soup but I really was full after just the sandwich.   I also had my seltzer water with my lunch.  We buy the kind that has no added anything except just a little natural fruit flavoring.  zero calories.

At work snack of greek yogurt.

At home supper of chili w/onions and a little cheese and a seltzer water and some of the pre-packaged salads that we buy.  There are so many ingredients in those salads that if I tried to recreate it I would have a lot of things that I may not use again for a while and they would go bad or stale.

So yesterday was a success.  I’m still working on today so will check in tomorrow.  But so far so good.


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