Check-In ::: Day 11 ::: 31 Aug 17

(previously posted on facebook) Hiya! Day 11 Whole30Program ! Unbelievable ! I am still food sober with no real cravings or temptations I don't know what else to say except I am very grateful and I hope this stays with me Again, thank you all for your support & encouragement. It helps!!! Believe me!!! Have... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: 30 Aug 17

(previous posted on facebook) Day 10 Whole 30 Program I am still food sober. I am feeling better in the mornings. I feel less tired mid-afternoon (probably because I am not in a sugar high crashing type of situation) I've lost 2 more lbs. I know we on Whole30 are not supposed to be weighing... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: 29 Aug 17

(originally posted on facebook) Thank you all for your support & encouragement as I go through this major life change. DAY 9 Whole30 Path to change my life I remained food sober yesterday and last night. I feel pretty good this morning. I'm not a morning person so ....  Anyway, I plan to stay food... Continue Reading →

SunButter ! ::: 28 Aug 17

Found this Whole30 compliant sunbutter at Wal-Mart of all places! I've been looking at labels like crazy and all the almond butter and cashew butter has some kind of canola or peanut or whole30 non-compliant oils in it. I was so shocked when I read this label and there was nothing whole30 non-compliant in it... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: 28 Aug 17

(first posted on facebook) Okay It is the morning of my Day 8 on the Whole 30 I hope!!!!!! Will check in again tonight to let y'all know how it went. Feeling pretty good though although just a little nervous about my seeming to have this in the bag ... I mean. I hate to... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: 27 Aug 17

(first posted on facebook) Day 7 of the Whole 30 I feel like some kind of magic dust was thrown on me I am not feeling any cravings nor getting any temptations. It may be because I have fruit and this takes care of my sweet tooth? This may not last forever. I'm sure I'll... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: 26 Aug 17

(first published on facebook) Day 6 of Whole 30 Well the end of Day 6 I am still doing it, y'all! and at this point in time I am not having any real moments where I wanted to screw up Like I mentioned before, what helps me so far not screw up is my asking... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: 25 Aug 2017

(first published on facebook) Good morning beautiful spirits! Day 5 of the Whole 30 I woke up feeling good and not lethargic and depressed like yesterday. I have a meeting first thing at 8am but I'm going to try to get a quick walk in. I also stepped on the scales and ::: drum roll... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: 24 Aug 17

(first published on facebook) Hello there. 4th day of Whole 30 I am still hanging in but this morning I find myself kind of lethargic and depressed I assume it is because my body is trying to figure out what I'm doing to it. Next week will be easier (not easy but easier) because I... Continue Reading →

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