Check-In ::: 23 Aug 17

(first published on facebook) Hiya! 3rd day on Whole30 got up in time to fix my breakfast eggs scrambled with kale & spinach i have my water bottle full of ice water i have a banana here at work for when i feel hungry i have tea here that i bought so i'll have a... Continue Reading →


Check-In ::: 22 Aug 17

(first published on facebook) Hello there. This is my 2nd day on the Whole30. I did not time my morning right and did not get to eat anything for breakfast. I am so hungry but I have not gone off the Whole30 - well except part of it is not skipping breakfast. I am going... Continue Reading →

WOW – Check-In ::: 21 Aug 17

I am so embarrassed that I have not been here all summer. I got way off my lifestyle change plans and although I should have been blogging about it, I dropped off of my blog. So recently my psychiatrist (who I go to to get my ADHD med prescription) turned to me and said that... Continue Reading →

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