Check-In ::: Day 26 ::: 15 Sep 17

26 Days Whole30 Program I cannot even believe it myself! I know many thought I wouldn't do it this time. Why? Because they have heard me say so many times over the years: "This is it!  I'm going to do it now!" But the big difference now is when I look at the two choices,... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Bankruptcy

I often feel spiritually bankrupt and I am drawn back to Orthodoxy. There are some things I don't agree with but it comes closest to what I need for my soul. I miss the services and how close to God I feel when I am in an Orthodox sanctuary. I miss visiting the monasteries in... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: Day 20 ::: 09 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook) Well hello there. Day TWENTY !!! Whole30 program I was happy yesterday that I did not binge on fruit. And, if anyone wonders why it would not be good to binge on fruit, it is because it is keeping an old habit of binging which doesn't mean just eating fruit off... Continue Reading →

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