(previously published on facebook) Okay I am still food sober but am still not really doing what I am supposed to be doing on the Whole30 program. I am still rarely eating a real breakfast and sometimes I don't eat a lunch really and I just "snack" throughout the day. It may be Whole30 compliant... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: Day 14 ::: 03 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook) Day 14 Whole30 Program I am still food sober. I am astonished. no more lbs. gone yet though  just having faith that i'll see at least another pound by the end of this coming week? I am also astonished that I am not giving up just because I haven't lost any... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: Day 13 ::: 02 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook) Day 13 Whole30 program I managed to go to my grandson Christopher's birthday party tonight and eat no cake nor ice cream. I wasn't really even tempted. I did prepare by bringing some apple slices and watermelon chunks. I did just fine. I still believe the only reason I am able... Continue Reading →


(previously published on facebook) Okay y'all Today I came to a realization. My tendency to binge is still here. I didn't binge on anything non-compliant with my whole30 program but I did binge on watermelon and apples and that is not good. I found that I was wanting to munch on something to help me... Continue Reading →

Check-In ::: Day 12 ::: 01 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook) DAY 12 Whole30 Program Grateful for continuing to be Food Sober with no real cravings nor real tempations yet Thank you again for being here for me and for all your support and encouragement. I truly appreciate it. My heart is heavy for all of the people on the gulf coast... Continue Reading →

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