Today ~ 31Jan18

It is 11:30pm and I am going to be heading to bed within the next half hour.  Another day has come and gone.  I am feeling better at work that I am becoming more efficient.  It helps to not be on facebook off and on all day.  I can see that now.  With this 30... Continue Reading →

No Facebook ~ Day 6

So this is Day 6 without facebook.  I am not even believing I am not missing it that much.  I wonder if anyone who doesn't already know is missing me at all.  One of my fears of leaving facebook is that I will be forgotten.  I'm not sure why that bothers me so much.


I have many regrets.  I know we are not supposed to have regrets but I cannot help it.  I have many.  Many times a road I thought I was supposed to go down would be blocked by so many distractions and some of those distractions would completely get me off the path I wanted to... Continue Reading →

No Facebook ~ 5th day

Yesterday was another no Facebook day.  Today I have to go on long enough to do a writeup on our local paper's facebook page and then I will deactivate again right away.  Having just said that, now I'm worried that my posts disappear from the Reporter's facebook page when I deactivate.  I have asked my... Continue Reading →

End of Day – 30 Jan 18

This is actually the morning after but .... HEALTH:  My right arm was better but then had a sudden onset of pain in my left arm.  I was sleepy all day.  I am sure I am not getting much sleep with the sleep apnea.  I have the bi-pap (vs. c-pap) but I haven't used it... Continue Reading →

End of Day – 28Jan18

I had a productive day overall especially considering I really just wanted to sleep all day.  I managed to finish my article, go grocery shopping, go for a short walk with Lucy, go take photographs for my article, go see my grandkids, cook supper, watch tv with Gary, and now am trying to get a... Continue Reading →

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