No Facebook ~ 5th day

Yesterday was another no Facebook day.  Today I have to go on long enough to do a writeup on our local paper's facebook page and then I will deactivate again right away.  Having just said that, now I'm worried that my posts disappear from the Reporter's facebook page when I deactivate.  I have asked my... Continue Reading →

No Facebook – end of 2nd day

My 2nd full day of no facebook has ended and I am heading to bed soon.  It really helps that I can still have Messenger even with a deactivated facebook account.  I can keep up with everyone that way without having to be depressed and anxious and upset over things I read on facebook.  I... Continue Reading →

No Facebook – beginning of 2nd day

Okay 2nd day of no facebook.  I do still get messenger and that is really all I need to keep up with friends. I am heading to a 10:00am meeting with Selectboard member Walter Martone to interview him about an article I'm writing this week. Then heading over to Chester Vermont to my friend Melody's... Continue Reading →

I am so lame.

I am so lame.  I have not written in here for like over 3 months.  I was doing so well! Well, I am back and I will try to not desert all of my fans again (LOL - all 1 of them) ... no seriously, I am doing an experiment.  I am addicted to facebook... Continue Reading →

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