Falling Behind Again

I am falling behind again on posting here daily especially my OA posts.  The last few days have not been good for my OA abstinence and step work.  I sometimes wonder if I do actually want this - if I do actually want to change my relationship with food.  It is like I set myself... Continue Reading →

OA | Step 2 continuation #2

My sponsor asked me to add two more lists to my group of lists: ************************************************************ #1 Abstinence Plan - Food & Behaviors #2 Plan for maintaining abstinence and talking back to 'non-abstinent' cravings while working the steps ************************************* #1 Abstinence Plan - Food & Behaviors ************************************* FOOD to maintain abstinence from *** Donuts *** Cookies ***... Continue Reading →

OA | Step 2 Work cont’d

This is a continuation of work on Step 2 using Lawrie C's step guide. In this part of Step 2 work he asks that we make 2 plans.  One is a Plan of Eating and the second one is a Plan of Working the Steps. ***************** PLAN OF EATING ***************** 1200 calories per day |... Continue Reading →

OA | Step 2 work

Step 2 "Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity" The first thing Lawrie C's asks us to write is a list of emotional reasons to return to foods we shouldn't be eating and/or emotional reasons to return to eating behaviors that we know we should not be indulging in.... Continue Reading →

OA Check-In | 01 April 2017

So yesterday was very good up until I arrived at my son's home to babysit my 4 grandkids.  There were two plates of goodies on the counter.  Oh no!  I even brought my food plan snack food and meals and yet there I was picking up a couple almost every time I walked past the... Continue Reading →

OA – Step 1 Work, cont’d

A continuation of earlier Step 1 Work: Figuring out my binge eating behaviors (ingrained & volume issues) Are there particular chewing behaviors you notice? I notice that I enjoy having something to chew when I am working.  It seems to help me stay focused on getting the work done. Do you need to chew all... Continue Reading →

OA Step 1 Work

"We admitted we were powerless over food - that our lives had become unmanageable." I am working on my steps via Lawrie C's Step Study Guide suggested by my sponsor, Vanessa. In the first section he asked us to make an "analysis of our eating" by answering a few questions. What are my binge foods?... Continue Reading →

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