Facebook, be gone!

The day was a Tuesday, April 30th, 2019. I left facebook. I did not deactivate because of my fear that if someone went looking for me and didn't find me, they would think I had blocked them. I didn't want to inadvertently hurt someone's feelings. So I left a paragraph saying I was going to... Continue Reading →

I’m a Dreamer. But …

I am a dreamer.  I am not a dreamer who knows how to make her dreams into reality most of the time.  I am the type of dreamer who wastes tons of time thinking and planning and looking on-line and researching dreams I have but who doesn't have the resources to ever make these a... Continue Reading →

08 October 2018 ~ why?

Why do I not write here regularly.  I created what I consider a beautiful space here and yet, I do not come in here often at all.  What am I afraid of?  Why can I not consistently come here?  So much has happened since last I wrote.  And yet not much has happened at all. ... Continue Reading →

Consistency (or inconsistency)

Yep ... story of my life ... rampant inconsistency ... and I call myself a WRITER!  I have been busy working my 40 hour a week job AND writing for the local paper AND running our neighborhood coalition AND being on two commissions for the Town of Springfield: Downtown Design Commission and recently appointed to... Continue Reading →

25 Feb 18

It is now February 25, 2018 and a bit has happened since last time I wrote here.  I got a very bad chest and then head cold and then the stomach bug hit me.  That was last weekend and really just yesterday then I really start to feel like myself.  I was sick and I... Continue Reading →


Today is Monday, the 12th of February, 2018.  I didn't feel well at all yesterday and spent all morning in bed.  Not my usual way.  I rarely do anything like that.  But the feeling of exhaustion was just too great.  Luckily, Gary didn't question it so much except to just ask me if I was... Continue Reading →

10 Day – No Facebook

I have to admit, I really don't even miss it.  If anyone has anything important to share with me they message me and vice versa.  Can I make it to 30 days!  It is looking more promising that I will.

YiaYia and her grandkiddos …

I worry about my grandkids sometimes. I so hate for them to suffer as kids often do at their ages with friends who won't be friends anymore, feeling like no one likes them, etc.  They are all such sweet kind hearts and that sensitivity is such a gift but it also can feel yucky.   I... Continue Reading →

No Facebook – Day 7

I went on facebook long enough to type out the headings of the Springfield Reporter on our facebook page.  I did not linger.  I deactivated. I just feel more calm without adding all of that chaotic chatter into my head.  My brain has enough chaotic chatter in my head without adding even more.

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