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Well I made it about 10 days off facebook and then I had a question to ask and once you google the question and do not receive the answer you are hoping for, where else do you go?  🙂  Facebook.  But ... I am not spending as much time on facebook, at least. I am... Continue Reading →


10 Day – No Facebook

I have to admit, I really don't even miss it.  If anyone has anything important to share with me they message me and vice versa.  Can I make it to 30 days!  It is looking more promising that I will.

YiaYia and her grandkiddos …

I worry about my grandkids sometimes. I so hate for them to suffer as kids often do at their ages with friends who won't be friends anymore, feeling like no one likes them, etc.  They are all such sweet kind hearts and that sensitivity is such a gift but it also can feel yucky.   I... Continue Reading →

No Facebook – Day 7

I went on facebook long enough to type out the headings of the Springfield Reporter on our facebook page.  I did not linger.  I deactivated. I just feel more calm without adding all of that chaotic chatter into my head.  My brain has enough chaotic chatter in my head without adding even more.

To be fully alive …

Pema Chödrön says "We think that if we just meditated enough or jogged enough or ate perfect food, everything would be perfect. But from the point of view of someone who is awake, that’s death. Seeking security or perfection, rejoicing in feeling confirmed and whole, self-contained and comfortable, is some kind of death. It doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Today ~ 31Jan18

It is 11:30pm and I am going to be heading to bed within the next half hour.  Another day has come and gone.  I am feeling better at work that I am becoming more efficient.  It helps to not be on facebook off and on all day.  I can see that now.  With this 30... Continue Reading →

No Facebook ~ Day 6

So this is Day 6 without facebook.  I am not even believing I am not missing it that much.  I wonder if anyone who doesn't already know is missing me at all.  One of my fears of leaving facebook is that I will be forgotten.  I'm not sure why that bothers me so much.


I have many regrets.  I know we are not supposed to have regrets but I cannot help it.  I have many.  Many times a road I thought I was supposed to go down would be blocked by so many distractions and some of those distractions would completely get me off the path I wanted to... Continue Reading →

No Facebook ~ 5th day

Yesterday was another no Facebook day.  Today I have to go on long enough to do a writeup on our local paper's facebook page and then I will deactivate again right away.  Having just said that, now I'm worried that my posts disappear from the Reporter's facebook page when I deactivate.  I have asked my... Continue Reading →

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