Check-in | 24 April 2017

I made this a basic check-in even though it will include my OA check-in, as well. I found this quote while searching for another quote and it really resonated with me. Anyone who destroys themselves with food is not their own friend, at all.  I would not destroy a friend and keep them on a... Continue Reading →

OA Check-In | 21 April 2017

The bingeing has not stopped and I feel like I am on a runaway train. I DID go to a face-to-face OA meeting Monday night with a friend.   I did feel a little hope after hearing success stories from people. I mentioned to my therapist yesterday that I seem to have this resistance to... Continue Reading →

OA Check-In | 18 April 2017

My how time flies while one is not working one's program! I started out with a lot of momentum doing my Step Work every day, checking in here every day, and I was doing pretty good with my new food plan.  Last weekend it all went out of the window and I reverted back to... Continue Reading →

10 April 2017 Musings

Well, I haven't had an OA check in for a while.  It might be because I fell off the wagon? and I was too ashamed to post that in a check-in post.  I will post one soon.  I need to do some more work on the steps and I need to stay in touch with... Continue Reading →

OA | Step 2 continuation #2

My sponsor asked me to add two more lists to my group of lists: ************************************************************ #1 Abstinence Plan - Food & Behaviors #2 Plan for maintaining abstinence and talking back to 'non-abstinent' cravings while working the steps ************************************* #1 Abstinence Plan - Food & Behaviors ************************************* FOOD to maintain abstinence from *** Donuts *** Cookies ***... Continue Reading →

OA | Step 2 Work cont’d

This is a continuation of work on Step 2 using Lawrie C's step guide. In this part of Step 2 work he asks that we make 2 plans.  One is a Plan of Eating and the second one is a Plan of Working the Steps. ***************** PLAN OF EATING ***************** 1200 calories per day |... Continue Reading →

OA Check-In | 04 April 2017

Yesterday was a big test because work was chaotic and hectic and I don't do well with chaotic and hectic.   But, it helped that I pre-planned and had the food I needed to have at work with me at work.  It was still very difficult and it did feel like a bit of white-knuckling... Continue Reading →

OA | Step 2 work

Step 2 "Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity" The first thing Lawrie C's asks us to write is a list of emotional reasons to return to foods we shouldn't be eating and/or emotional reasons to return to eating behaviors that we know we should not be indulging in.... Continue Reading →

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